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Ever had a bad client?

limo3I don’t know if this guy got lucky or it was his worst experience.  The driver if Justin Bieber gets assaulted for simply driving this spoiled brat around.

Hollywood’s limo drivers, like its life coaches and plastic surgeons, see privilege at its best and its very worst. Justin Bibers driver, who had the pop star arrested for assault this year, can attest to that.) They’re both confidante and enabler. The dark leather confines of their sedans and SUVs are equal parts sanctuary and stage. Bruce Wagner, the novelist and screenwriter of David Cronenberg’s film Maps to the Stars, drove a limo in the Nineties, shuttling the likes of Orson Wells and Mick Jagger. He compared it to another one of his odd jobs: ambulance-driving.

How do you get paid?

limo4First, let’s take charter pay.  A charter is when a client orders a car for a specific time frame.  They can have several stops along the way and are renting the car and driver by the hour.  An example or two would be someone that wants to take their significant other out to dinner and a play, not worry about parking or how much they have had to drink.  They would order the car, have the driver pick them up at the specified time, take them to the first location, wait for them, take them to location two, wait again and repeat as necessary until they are taken to the final destination.  Another example would be a realtor that wants to show out of town clients multiple homes on the same day.  They may rent the limo to hold the entire family and have the driver go from open house to open house with the family viewing each home upon their arrival.  The realtor is able to sit in the back with the clients and review features of the neighborhoods and other homes as they are being driven from site to site.

The next is transfer pay. A transfer is moving from one place to another and being dropped off.  The most common is to or from an airport to either home or a hotel.  It has a fixed start place and ending place and there usually aren’t stops in between

You have probably had a bad client before see mine

On the streets of Miami

limo5This one comes from a passenger I had who had used a limo service in Miami and I couldn’t believe her experience!

Back it 1997, I decided to do something a little bit different to celebrate my birthday. So, after weeks of finding out the different options, I finally decided to go with a limo company to take a small gathering of friends into town.
I had never used a limo service before, and I always thought it was something that was well out of my league, but I found a great local service with fantastic reviews so I decided to go with them.
My first experience using the limo service went well, and I felt like I was treated like a star. The driver was an absolute gentlemen, and made everyone feel relaxed and at ease. The limo journey went fine, the evening went well, and the return journey all went smoothly too.
However, there was just one problem. During the course of the evening, I had lost one of my favorite gold earrings. These had great sentimental value for me and I was really disappointed that I had lost one of them as there was no way of replacing it.
I had assumed that I might have lost it in a night club or a restaurant, and I had given up hope of ever finding it again. However, some six years later, in 2003, a group of my friends decided to hire a limo for another party.
By coincidence, it was the exact same driver that I had first met six years ago. Before we got out of the limo, the driver turned round and said “Did one of you ladies lose an earring when you last traveled with us?”
I immediately said “yes”, the limo driver had kept my earring for 6 years in his pocket on the off chance we might use his limo service again!  What are the odds!  I could not believe it.  I was so happy to just get my earring back I barely thanked him.

Ever wonder how you get paid as a limo driver? This is how

A Blog for Limousine Drivers

limo6This blog is simply my experiences as a limo driver in New York City.  I’ve had more years of experience than I can to mention.  I’ve seen some crazy things but I’ve had some crazy good times.  So let’s get to it and share some experiences. Check out my about page right here we all have something to share.

As I write this on the streets, where I am borrowing someones internet wifi as I have so many times waited for passengers that i dropped off at this wild party downtown at a club.  Instead of sitting in spots where police just love to give out tickets I traveled down some side streets and parked.  First street only has so many parking spaces so I waited out front of someones house.

Have you ever had that one crazy old lady who you know just has nothing better to do than start a fight?  Yeah this is of course who comes out and starts harassing me.  She spewed complaints that I shouldn’t be sitting out front of her house if I didn’t have any business with her.  Apparently my headlights were shining at her house?  what?  So I turn them off but that of course isn’t good enough.  Now my exhaust is coming in through her windows.  You just can’t win with some people so I turned the car off.

She thought that if my passengers weren’t from her neighbourhood i had no right to park on her streets.  i asked her if it even really mattered but you know how it is with these people.  Next she asks for my companies name so she can make a complaint against me.  At this point I had had enough and snapped.  I started yelling at her and I had to call the police.  This lady would not stop harassing myself and I just wanted to sit and wait.

Some people man, I just want to do my job and relax but that is too much of a problem.